CC-Gate: Now with proof of success using Digital learning. 

Everything they learn in class is online. No Books needed.



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CCgate gives full lessons on all relivant in Primary and Secondary class subjects. After each lesson the student is quizzed and the results are texted to the parent's phone. How CC-Gate works:

A Database file is created for each student and the more they use the CC-Gate program
the more the program will give them lessons at their academic level.
CC-Gate is continuously being tested and improved at the Bamburi Primary School Computer Lab
in Mombasa using 90 students to help give lessons which are interesting, relivant, and informative
to the learner.

To Join:
1. Click "register" on menu bar, fill out registration form.
2. Logon to personal lesson page.
3. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson.
4. See student's progress and compare with other students using CC-Gate.


  Results are inevitable 

CC-Gate is an online tutor for Primary & Secondary education in East Africa.

CC-Gate is learning with pictures, audio, videos, presentations, and more.

CC-Gate is the future of education, available anytime.

One on one, private learning is only clicks away".



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  • Slowly all things are moving in the direction of Elearning in every Kenyan school. Now there is power in 98% of Kenyan primary and secondary schools. From there all that is needed is Wifi internet connection in every school, and very soon after that all schools kids will be able to take Exams and their exam results will be streamed to one central location corrected and verified instantly. Impossible you say? Think about where Kenyan schools were just 5 years ago. Where there computers? where there computer labs? In five years time CC-Gate will be right there at the forefront of the Elearning revolution providing online digital content for millions of students online. Its not just a dream.[img][/img]

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