CC-Gate a digital revision web based project that works on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or Desktop computer with a Wi-Fi connection.

The program is available for Schools, and/or Home use via our website. 

CC-Gate works like Whatsapp or Facebook, but uses less bundles. 

You purchase a username, and use it to log in and take dozens of quizzes. Each time the student takes a quiz new and different questions will appear based on their level. 

Parents are sent texted reports on their child's progress weekly or bi-weekly. Parents can also request a report at anytime. Want to know the honest truth about your child's knowledge of subject topics? Computers don't lie.... 

CC-Gate was created by an American & Kenyan and has been online since April 2012. 


8 Reasons why Digital revision is the future.

1.Digital learning cost less: to use than traditional books and past papers. Books get old, and have to be replaced with new ones each new school year. Digital learning never gets old, and contains info from all grade levels. NO NEED FOR BOOKS.

2.Much more information is available: on CC-Gate with clear details and explanations using hundreds of pictures, Gift files, and videos.

3.Less study time is needed:  Because student’s concentration is one on one with the tablet they need  less study time to learn more. In the traditional method there are many class distractions and interruptions.

4.No long delay in getting results: Once a student finishes a CC-Gate quiz, it is corrected immediately so students can know answers while still fresh in their minds. This helps them remember correct answers in the future.

5.Students are not held back: Smart students are not held back by slower learners. Students can continue to use and take additional quizzes. CAUTION: Digital revision can be used to repeat and repeat and can be addictive.  Be careful not to over study as your brain may burnout.  

6.CC-Gate is fun to use: As more pictures, videos, and information is added, digital will be even more fun and easy to use. Students will find many subjects covered in the Gate.

7.Teachers can monitor student’s results: Want to see how your students are performing? Quiz results can be texted to phone, facebook, and Whatsapp.  No need to wait until the end of the school year to know how they are doing in any subject.


8.Digital will only get better in the future: CC-Gate has many ideals it is working on to improve the learning experience for students and teachers. What is here today is only the beginning.  Full access to total revision of any subject is coming. Instant access to a quiz on any subject or topic is coming.  Students allowed to bring smart phones and tablets to class is coming.  Study and revise from home , on holidays, any time 24hrs a day is coming. The future is bright for CC-Gate and digital education.

What can CC-Gate offer?

1.A digital revising system which was built inside the school with active Kenyan students and teachers of today.

2.A content based system developed based only on what is in the KCPE syllabus and what is taught in class.

3.Unlimited number of Exam questions in all the six KCPE subjects.

4.A continually expanding Digital Library of information in all the major subjects of KCPE, including a term dictionary.

5.A complete LMS system, and the only one which can run without the use of Internet charges. Students can use it at school and anywhere using mobile devices.

6.A flexible revising system which can accommodate one student or hundreds of students from different class levels.

7.Made in Kenya.  Uniquely developed for Kenyan students from the beginning, and with a focus on giving full time support and service to the user.