1. How can CC-Gate increase my child’s learning more than school? > The actual amount of time your child spends learning is only about 10 to 30% of class time. The rest is spent in talking with other students, watching what other students are doing, day dreaming, looking at books and papers not included in the lesson at hand, and discussing things irrelevant to the subject lesson.  With CC-Gate, the moment the student puts on headphones 100% of their attention is captured directly on the lesson being played. No distractions, papers or books needed.
  2. Isn’t CC-Gate expensive using many MB bundles for those lessons? >> Actually CC-Gate is far cheaper than a classroom or tutor, and can now operate without the need for Internet cost. Each lesson of CC-Gate online takes between 4 to 10MB, at present, weekly bundles of Ksh100 could cover a week of usage on Safaricom.  Compare this with hiring a Tutor, the cost of books, and other costs, which will not give 100% focus during the studying time. We have found CC-Gate much cheaper.
  3. My child is a slow learner in math and science. How can CC-Gate help them improve? >> The great thing about CC-Gate is, it can be used to focus on a student’s weak areas. A parent or administrator can call for more math lessons, or math lessons on fractions, spreadsheets or whichever area the student has trouble in. Parents can get regular Text message updates on their child’s progress in these subjects to monitor their child’s progress.
  4. Why doesn’t my child need books when using CC-Gate? >> Digital Education means; all lessons are viewed on a monitor. All information normally found in text in books has been digitalized for computer. This also means information which is not covered in the syllabus will not be in digital lessons. Often students ends up studying information which will not be asked on their exam. This would be wasted study time. You can be sure that CC-Gate has researched well and only includes what is relevant to the syllabus.
  5. As a school administrator how can I add CC-Gate to my school’s subject calendar? >> There are many ways to implement a Digital Education program into the class calendar. A school which implements CC-Gate can have all reference to the project blocked out. The students will only receive lessons with your school’s logo. With access to an administrator page you will get full control on who uses CC-Gate and when. Your school or computers don't need internet. This is a big cost saver over other LMS programs. CC-Gate is designed specifically for Kenyan public and private school. 
  6. What if my child starts using youtube and facebook instead of CC-Gate? >> CC-Gate has no control over what a student my click outside of the CC-Gate webpage. There are many programs which parents or administrator can purchase which will block any program from being used on a computer or server. Many companies use them to block access from employees. For mobile phones it is easy to know if your child is accessing social media sites, as bundle usage will go up considerable. It would be putting a child at a disadvantage to refuse them internet access because of misuse. In future as adults they may be at a disadvantage in the job market or business.
  7. How can I convince my Mom that CC-Gate is a good thing so that she will buy it. >> Some Parents know little about how digital education works or how powerful a learning tool it is. They have yet to notice how digital education is growing part of higher education and Universities. Explain to her how students in Kenyan Universities now use laptops and tablets to learn. If that doesn’t work mention that CC-Gate doesn’t need books, papers or writing material. That always seems to get their attention.
  8. Is CC-Gate registered with the relevant Government bodies? >> CC-Gate is not a business just yet. It is a project and is still going through trials to make it better and better. The time is fast approaching when it will become a company and market itself as such. In the meantime, Government officials are aware of CC-Gate, are watching its progress keenly, have visited the lab to see CC-Gate personally, and have praised its results so far. There is a big jump from where CC-gate is today, and where it will be once it gains a serious investor who will bring the project to the next level.
  9. Is CC-Gate only available in Mombasa Kenya, or are there plans to expand its use to other counties? >> CC-Gate’s reach has the potential to reach wherever there is internet access. Kenya has a large IT infrastructure, as other country’s IT infrastructure grows, they will also realize the power and efficiency of Digital Education, and hopefully CC-Gate will be right there.
  10. If this CC-Gate is so good why hasn’t someone done it in the U.S.? >> Digital Education is widespread throughout the United States and Europe. There are schools which are completely online today. But because of strict Government regulations, the wide usage of video games, and high levels of competition, the industry has not seen leading companies emerge in digital education. It’s the same with Mpesa. There are so many variables and stakeholders involved in Western countries, there are too many powerful interests, and great ideas fail to be implemented. CC-Gate will be launched as a business very soon.