Jan 6th, 2016: AT LAST!! The results are in, and we couldn't have asked for more favorable results. CC-Gate lessons helped improve the Bamburi Primary School to its highest score in Ten Years. Now there is undeniable proof of CC-Gate's worth to students and parents. There is more and more competition coming on the market, but I am very careful not to give away the whole pie online. Already the Headmaster has increased the use of CC-Gate, not only making it compulsory for all class 8 students to have an account, but the school has already switched new registration and assessment tests to digital. It is my very strong belief that if given such cooperation from the Headmaster and teachers during this year, the mean score of the school can increase another 20pts into the 250 range by November. So let us see if this can happen, because the public is slow in moving, but CC-Gate is shaking them awake for sure.  

 April 19th, 2016: What has been happening the last four months with CC-Gate at Bamburi Primary School? We created a plan to allow the students to prepare for Exams the old fashion way, without CC-Gate during the first term. This was done to give a clear account of how far the teachers take the students to improve their scores. There were three major exams given during the first term. The Head teacher called all class 8 parents and a prediction was made on how far the teachers could improve Exam scores. I have yet to get the results of that final exam to see how the teachers did in each subject.    Starting in May 2016, I will be putting students on CC-Gate lessons in Science and Social Studys. The goal will be to have every class 8 student working on CC-Gate as much as possible. 

In other news we have been trying to get a meeting with the Bamburi Cement since May 2014. We were hoping to can some used computers some employees had been mentioning. It seems the Plant manager keeps getting very sick, and has even spent time in ICU. He is very hard to get a hold of, but it seems the duputy Plant manager may be able to help us. So we are looking to meet him now.  All in all the project is running smoothly, and the content is being created, and by opening day we hope and pray that everything will fall into place. If the exam scores make an significant improvement it will be a great day for Digital Education in Coast. If we can improve scores and learning using Digital Education, someone will have to come foward to help the project to make income.

OCT 12th, 2016: One of the things about having a digital evironment in a school is the many papers, forms, and tests that can be replaced by computer. Over the past months term exam scores, placement tests, class results, teacher results, and even the class schedule has been done using computer. This isn't the job of CC-Gate. CC-Gate's mandate is to improve exam scores over and above 2015's meanscorces. However CC-Gate isn't but the ability of one man (ME) and I have 40 years of experience in computers. To be honest I have not met anyone with my range of talent in computers. The school can not afford to pay a salary which would reach my talents, even without cc-gate. For example: I was approached and asked if I could make up Certificates for the KG3 Graduates. Not only did I make them nice Certificates, but I also took each child's photo in Cap and gown and printed it on their Certificates. It was a first for the school and the parents were very happy about that.  Indeed Digital Education will create a new position in the schools. ""Digital Education specialist"" will be a person with a full back ground in Windows, networking, and database management. These employees will be invaluable as you can have all the new laptops in the world, but without qualified people to manage them, you will see computer labs collecting dust.

DEC 27th, 2016:Sorry for the delay. WE DID IT!!!  SCORES ARE UP!!  It was like a mad house the last few weeks before exams. The Head Teacher made it mandatory for all students to use CC-Gate to prepare for Science, and the influx of students created a lot of data in a very short time. You see the main issue of Digital Education is the Learning outcome. This comes in the form of data or results of quizzes and exams done by the students. Well CC-Gate was set up to log in what time the student started a test, how much time he/she took to answer  questions, every answer they clicked, their scores, and overall ranking. That is a lot of data. Now trying to educate the Head teacher in the value of all this data was another thing and still is another thing.  ANYWAYS!!  We did it and eventhough I personally didn't reach my goal of doubling last years score,  a nine point increase is amazing by any Head teacher's standards.  Need to improve your school's meanscore next year? Give me a call. 0720-907329 Mr. Rahh. 


 June 10th, 22017: I didn't leave, its just that so much has happened in the last six months, who could have time to write it all down? (Excuse), First of all the Government delieverd the 46 tablets, and 2 laptops. Then CFF Delievered 10 Desktops. We have got very busy after that. I learned in a matter of minutes that the tablets would allow CC-Gate to work, but if took months to learn to use them effectively. I got a student to help create the content needed to keep up with the demand. Oh did I mention that I changed the entire concept of CC-Gate from Elearning to Search engine? Like I said, so much has happened. The latest thing to happen is I was able to put CC-Gate on a local server and make it work with the Government Laptops. I will have that completed on Monday, if the school will be able to pay me. No money, no job.