(Jan. 9th) Those of you who have followed CC-Gate over the years know of our comprehensive reporting of the site's on-goings. Well the Site was hacked twice in December of 2018, and we put together a fresh replacement in order to include needed security features. We have also created a twin site which operates along side of the main site but is hidden. So now if anything happens its just a matter of switching on the twin.


  We have started our third year based at Mtopanga Primary. As many already know the school's meanscore was up 6+ points largely due to increased CC-Gate digital revision in Social Studies. We took the weakest subject, revised students using CC-Gate for the entire Term 3. The results were amazing. A number of students even did better in Social than in Science on their KCPE exams. It is now for the school administration to express the obvious. CC-Gate is a powerful revision tool, which has the ability to increase students exam scores dramatically. We have the proof.  WEEK 2
As we speak, there are some pretty exciting things happening. Unity Primary is on board for CC-Gate's return, which will take place this month. I have some up coming meetings with powerful stakeholders within Mombasa, and we are set to visit more schools in Coast. Stay tuned for our next report. I promise it will be soon. WEEK 3