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The CC-Gate program has been designed from the ground up, and not the other way round.  It's focus is on digital revision, because we have learned that digital learning can not be at par with a real teacher.  However digital studying and revsion is greatly superior.        


The biggest concern from teachers is on CC-Gate's quiz questions and general information, are they up to standard? Who developed the questions?  CC-Gate follows two lines of thought when it creates exam type questions. 1. Does it adhere to the KCPE syllabus and schemes. 2. Is it relevant to what the student is learning in class. We are on the ground, meaning we regular sit in the classroom with students, and ask many questions of students and teachers about the learning process. We use this valuable info to improve the CC-Gate program. We now have a powerful working model made in Kenya for Kenyans.                                             

About the Founder  Amen K. Rahh : 

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  In relation to this new upcoming business, Rahh's wealth of experience and expertise puts him in a unique position. With 15 years in Corporate America, 39 years in Computer programming and operations, 22 years as an successful entrepreneur, managing employees, creating new innovations he highly qualified for his position. Running CC-gate inside an actual Primary School with over 1,000 students and interacting with teachers and students daily he has acquired an immense about of knowledge on how schools work. He also has 29 years teaching and training both children and adults, 18 years doing Business in Africa, and Rahh also holds a 10th degree Blackbelt which is the highest in modern Martial Arts.  Rahh sees Digital Education as one of the last great frontier of the computer age, and sees Kenya as the best testing ground for it to take off in Africa.