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Quizzer Maswali (May 2018)

Purchase Price (Ksh25,000) per term

Maswali is a favorite among students. The secret behind the success of Maswali is the years of working directly with students daily. After several years we finally have a program students like and remain attentive to for over an hour at a time.  The Kenyan Governement is trying to stop the use of past papers, and Maswali will replace the need or past papers with its collection of hundreds of subject exam questions for each subject allowing total concentration as students practice Exam taking. Maswali challenges a student like nothing else can. New questions are available every School term.  Questions are set by teachers and students suggestions are also used. Teacher can finally have an accurate report on each student's actual level of subject topics using computer calulated meanscores. There are also special courses for High as well as Low Achievers upon request.