1. This seems like another scheme to waste my money.
As a Parent I know the high cost of buying books, notebooks, and materials for school. CC-Gate is not only cheaper than book study, it is easier to use, and eliminates the need for books and writing materials.

2. Will this program use up all my airtime, and I will find my child watching videos and playing games with my phone?
We have all seen how kids can play on our phones, that is because they see it as a toy. But with CC-Gate they will see the phone as a learning tool, and interact with it differently. You will be amazed!

3. I have bought so many High-flyer study books, and they didn’t seem to help. How is CC-Gate different?
CC-Gate is digital. Digital revision makes a direct connection with the user. They can not play around. Either they are answering questions, or they are joking. CC-Gate makes reports available for parents to know exactly how much studying their child is doing.

4. Is this CC-Gate accredited with all the proper authorities, and ICT Ministry?
CC-Gate is not an education tool, it is a revision tool. The program follows KCPE exclusively meaning it covers the Kenyan syllabus fully. To date many ICT Ministry and County officials have examined the CC-Gate project, and found all its success stories to be true.

 5. So I let my child use my phone and use CC-Gate. Then what?

The more they use the program, the better they will improve. Most students will embrace the program and use it regularly. The program requires a lot of mental effort, some students will need to be pushed. You will see results almost immediately.

 6. I don’t have a lot of money to keep spending on education. This seems like a lot of money.
When you consider the fact that higher educated students make larger incomes, paying for CC-Gate is not only reasonable, but an investment. Finally there is a program which can give your child unlimited access to unlimited questions in all KCPE subjects 24 hours a day, anywhere there is Wi-Fi.  If only we had this when we were in school.

7.Will I have to pay this every month, or only when schools are open?

You pay for CC-Gate on a monthly bases. When schools are out and children are idle, CC-Gate will be there 24hours a day. Give your child assignments to do on CC-Gate, and you can check their progress, even while at job. CC-Gate offers Holiday courses when schools are closed.