(JULY2019) When we started Lower Primary Exams using CC-Gate we felt lucky that 3rd graders could understand how to use the devices. Never did we think 2nd graders would, and couldn't imagine 1st graders using the devices for exams. However when we tried some tests using 1st graders they passed in championship form, somehow saying "We will not be left behind!". Today all three grades of lower primary, over three hundred students are taking their exams using CC-Gate on Gov. tablets. The process is easy and improving every exam. IF you want CC-Gate at your school give us a call. 0720-907329


(JUNE 2019) CC-Gate took on three new U.S. investors in the months of June & July. 

1. James Smith - N.Y.

2. Kelvin Tucker - N.Y.

3. Brian Cole -Texas

Each has been to Kenya, and it is hoped they will bring much needed support and ideas for the future of the project. 



(MARCH 2019) History was made this week when Mtopanga Primary's 130 1st graders, sat for their first exam using the Digital devices, and just like their follow 3rd & 2nd graders, they rose to the challenge in style. With many touching a tablet device for the first time, some were nervous, but when they saw their fellow students scrolling, they were determine to try. We know we are ahead of our time with this program, so we wait for Government and Education officials to tell us the way forward and hope they send us backwards, because digital devices and programs are the future of education in Kenya, and East Africa. 

week 24

(MARCH 2019) 143 Lower Primary students did their first exams using tablets. No paper was used and the Class Teacher never had to do anything but send the kids to the lab. They returned to class 30 or 40 minutes later having completed exams in 6 subjects. A Digital program corrected exams instantly and generated a report with the student's photo on it.  The use of the CC-Gate program is spreading, with other schools taking interest in the program created by Mr. Amen Rahh who also works in the school's computer lab. 

The Program does not require INTERNET nor does it reside on the actual tablet.


(FEB. 2019) students come in record numbers to use the CC-Gate program to study KCPE subjects. Students sit for a few hours and take 300+ more Exam questions per day without the use of notes or books. 



(Jan. 9th) Those of you who have followed CC-Gate over the years know of our comprehensive reporting of the site's on-goings. Well the Site was hacked twice in December of 2018, and we put together a fresh replacement in order to include needed security features. We have also created a twin site which operates along side of the main site but is hidden. So now if anything happens its just a matter of switching on the twin.


  We have started our third year based at Mtopanga Primary. As many already know the school's meanscore was up 6+ points largely due to increased CC-Gate digital revision in Social Studies. We took the weakest subject, revised students using CC-Gate for the entire Term 3. The results were amazing. A number of students even did better in Social than in Science on their KCPE exams. It is now for the school administration to express the obvious. CC-Gate is a powerful revision tool, which has the ability to increase students exam scores dramatically. We have the proof.  WEEK 2
As we speak, there are some pretty exciting things happening. Unity Primary is on board for CC-Gate's return, which will take place this month. I have some up coming meetings with powerful stakeholders within Mombasa, and we are set to visit more schools in Coast. Stay tuned for our next report. I promise it will be soon. WEEK 3