3 Facts Class 8 Parents should know about.

1. The school system is changing. Schools are going digital and schools which don't will be doing a disservice to Students. Digital Revision is superior to book study.

2. The Government is Digitally choosing Secondary schools based on Exam scores. If your child doesn't get above 300 placing them in a good High School will be difficult and more costly.

3. The CC-Gate program is the parent's digital weapon for more control over their child's study time. The more your child uses CC-Gate the more they will improve. Have you ever wondered why students barely improve dispite all that tuition? Because no one can watch them all the time. CC-Gate can, and will give you a full report on your child's revision habits.

Unity Primary has started to digitalize. Your Child now has access to an unlimited amount of information directly related to what they are learning in class. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Your child will improve with every digital question. Recommended by Madam Cathrine Headteacher of Unity Primary School.


My Name is Mr. Amen and I am a parent.